Hear, Here

Hear, Here is a pop-up picnic radio station that reveals new perspectives of place to the listener, thematically inspired by the water, land and stories of the site on which it is created.

Like a site specific podcast series where the collection of stories, perspectives and expertise from the natural and urban landscapes are gathered and shared with the community.

“Listen from the water, listen under a tree, listen from the bamboo grove, a birds nest or as you sunbathe on your towel. Hear, Here is a pop-up picnic radio made specifically for listening in the Enoggera landscape, but that will also collect stories, ideas and expertise from upstream and downstream. Each day you can join artists Dan and Dan as they talk with people who know more than they do, so that they may map and uncover some of the hidden stories of this landscape.”

Creative Team includes: Lead Artist: Daniele Constance; Collaborating Artist: Dan Koop; Sound Editing and Recording: Daniele Constance; Sound and Technical Support: Joseph Burgess; Design: Jorge Serra

Guests on Hear, Here Enoggera Radio include: Leo Lee (SOWN), Dan Schmidt (Ecologist, Griffith University), Helen Franzmann (McKisko, musician), Melissa Haswell (Pyschologist and Researcher, QUT), Balangaala Community Garden, Darryl Jones (Ecologist, Griffith University), Leah Barclay (Sound Artist, Griffith University).

You can listen to one example interview here.

This project was presented as a part of Co-MMotion: Brisbane City Council's Temporary Art Program 2018, produced by people+artist+place. This project was also proudly supported by Arts Queensland.  

Image Credits: Jorge Serra & Dave Kan Photography.