Image by Jorge Serra

Image by Jorge Serra


Somewhere in our history we were told that this is wrong, but this is right. That self doubt is something that everyone feels. That we all get a little sad sometimes. That one day we’ll die.

Explain Normal is a new dance theatre work currently in creative development, directed by participatory artist Daniele Constance. It is an artistic collaboration between the performance artists of Brisbane based collective Aha Ensemble and dance artists from Phluxus2 Dance Collective.

Aha Ensemble are emerging performance artists with a range of mental and physical abilities whose collaborations with award-winning Phluxus2 Dance Collective ask “What can we tell you about normalcy that you don’t already know?”. Explain Normal unpacks the concept of “normal” as both survival mechanism and death making, as myth, as someone else’s truth, as a potent provocation for perspectives on society and difference, and how we value “otherness”.

Combining live and pre recorded audio, movement and verbatim; Explain Normal explores how this collective of artists define perceptions of normalcy, through the lens of diverse experiences. This exciting new work explores the juxtaposition of the artists, their bodies and identities; experimenting together to develop a shared movement language and collaborative practice across a rich and diverse range of personal performance histories.

The team have been experimenting for the last twelve months, with Explain Normal evolving through two creative development periods at Metro Arts in 2018. It is set to premier with a full performance season at Metro Arts in 2019.

Director: Daniele Constance

Choreographer: Nerida Matthaei

Performing Artists from Aha Ensemble: Allycia Staples, Megan Louise West, Rebecca Dostal, Ruby Donohoe, Mitchell Runcie, Kayah Guenther

Performing Artists from Phluxus2 Dance Collective: Charles Ball, Nadia Milford

Lighting Design: Keith Clark

Sound Design: Joseph Burgess

Photography: Jorge Serra (superlative)